About My Credit My Future

My Credit My Future, in cooperation with Data Facts, Inc offes credit and financial education that aims to help millions of individuals on the path to financial success.  MCMF will work toward facilitating partnerships among schools, financial institutions, and community programs dedicated to helping all consumers, regardless of age, background, or income level reach their financial goals.  

In an effort to educate all individuals in understanding the complexities of credit and finance throughout each life stage, My Credit My Future (MCMF) will promote a wide range of community enrichment activities, resources, workshops, and access to free online webinars and financial educational tools. These strategic partnerships within the community will enhance existing financial efforts for individuals, to make financially informed decisions throughout each life stage.  The website, www.mcmf.net, offers easy to understand, educational webinars, as well as budget templates, calculators, and a variety of information on everything credit and finance related.  My Credit My Future also offers customized educational series and presentations designed for partnership opportunities and more.  Throughout life, consumers are focused on varying financial goals, and My Credit My Future is dedicated to empowering individuals with financial education from young adulthood to retirement. We are your credit educator for life.


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